Xiaomi Unveils Third-Generation Under-Display Camera Technology

Xiaomi has unveiled the third generation of under-screen photo sensor technology.  This marks Xiaomi’s latest strategic step towards the high-end smartphone segment bolstered by the company’s continuous technological innovation.

Xiaomi Under Display Camera

With the ZTE Axon 20 5G, ZTE will launch on September 1 in China, the first smartphone equipped with a photo sensor under the screen. For marketing, Oppo is also working on the subject, as is Xiaomi, which today responds directly to ZTE’s announcement.

The Chinese brand speaks of a third generation of this camera technology under the screen, even if … the previous generations have not commercially seen the light of day. The opportunity for Xiaomi to put itself forward for innovation, especially after the Mi 10 Ultra.

It is precisely with a prototype of Mi 10 Ultra that Xiaomi demonstrates its camera technology under the screen and dangles a mass production launch for 2021. What to obtain a full screen without notching the effect edge to edge display.

According to Xiaomi, the affected screen area has the same pixel density as the rest of the screen, so as to perfectly conceal the photo sensor. “Same brightness, range and color accuracy.”

Xiaomi 3rd Generation Under-Display Camera Technology

The expected performance would match the photo sensors usually housed on the screen. Xiaomi boasts of an arrangement of RGB sub-pixels to increase light transmission in the target area of ​​the screen and optimization with a house algorithm. Chinese brands are in strong competition for this type of technology and are seen as locomotives.