World’s most expensive iPad 2 costs £5 million

If you have been keenly waiting for the luxury gadget then just get ready for the latest wraps off innovative iPad 2 Gold History Edition designed by Liverpool-based Stuart Hughes. Stuart Hughes has released his own version of iPad 2 which is designed with diamonds and a 65 million years old bones of Tyrannosaurus rex. Stuart Hughes has done the extreme by taking the wraps off its new iPad 2 Gold History Edition, which costs a whopping £5,000,000 (about $8.15 million).


The iPad 2 is known as iPad 2 Gold History Edition. The highlights include 16.5 ct diamonds & 8.5ct single diamond, 57 grams of T-rex bone, 750 grams of Ammolite stone and 2000 grams of solid 24ct Gold. The Ipad 2 also features 53 sparkling gems, a 24 carat gold back-plate and a solid gold Apple logo.

If you flip the gadget, the Apple logo is made out of 52 separate, individually set rocks. Stuart Hughes, whose slogan is “the world’s most luxurious communications & bespoke elements,” also sells luxury yachts and laptops as well as iPod Touches, Nintendo Wii’s and Sony PS3′s!

T-REXified iPad was produced in a limited edition of only two units at the price £5,000,000.00 or $8,000,000.00 and one has already been sold to an undisclosed customer.


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