Windows Phone 7 Mango Update Features Revealed

The update for Windows Mango Phone should bring many new features, some of which were mentioned in a podcast. After Nodo, the mobile platform of Microsoft Windows Phone must go to the next level with updated Mango which comes as a true evolution through the platform (corresponding to a Windows Phone 7.5), thereby bringing fixes but also new features.

A first glimpse has been given at the MIX 11 event developers in April, with Joe Belfiore, responsible for developing the platform, effective demonstrator in progress expected with the highlight opportunities by IE9 mobile version.

But other news, not presented during the event, could well be part of the contribution of the update Mango. It looks like Windows Phone 7.5 will feature, Bing for Audio that will let you search for music and you will be able to retrieve information about an artist recognizing the tune played.

Bing Vision functionality would in turn act as barcode scanners and other QR codes, or even character recognition system with the engine still Bing for finding information on the scanned product.

Mango could also be an opportunity to introduce a navigation system with turn by turn voice instructions. Finally, the new platform is expected to compose text messages by voice through a voice recognition engine.

Suffice to say that Mango could be a few surprises and help refine the mobile platform ahead of Microsoft’s launch of the first range of Nokia smartphones,


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