Windows 10: This new Settings feature makes managing your disks and volumes easier

Disk management is coming to the Settings application in Windows 10. For now as part of a preview. With Windows 10, Microsoft has stepped up the migration of classic Control Panel tools to discover them in a more modern guise in connection with the Settings application. Often mentioned, the disappearance of the Control Panel is not yet effective.

Windows 10 logo

It is in this spirit that with a build of Windows 10 Insider Preview, the disk management tool (diskmgmt.msc) is being adapted for an experience that is therefore said to be more modern. This utility (especially for creating and formatting partitions) is accessible from the system settings and for storage.

New Disk Management experience in Settings

“This modern experience was designed with accessibility in mind. It also offers better integration with features like storage spaces and the storage settings page,” writes Microsoft.

However, the time is above all to collect comments from Windows Insiders and the classic tool remains available. The question is to know if Microsoft will one day end up succeeding in a complete change of the traditional tools? If necessary, some old habits will have to be abandoned (not always easy).