WhatsApp’s latest beta version for Android shows glimpse of upcoming features

Whatsapp messaging will soon deploy an option to better manage storage space. According to the WaBetaInfo reports, Whatsapp is preparing a new interface and some options designed to better manage the impact of the app on users’ smartphones, particularly in terms of storage space.

Whatsapp Logo

It must be said that over time, Whatsapp can quickly become a problem for users: the application occupies more and more space on the smartphone, up to several GB for the most assiduous users. A new interface is therefore in preparation to allow better management of its files.

WhatsApp redesigned Storage Usage section

Whatsapp will thus offer a graph to check the space used by Whatsapp itself and the associated files. It will be possible to highlight the largest files, and delete them if necessary. All this will offer previews to facilitate sorting and selection. A section will be dedicated to chat sessions and it will be possible to delete messages, photos, video or audio exchanges contained in the exchanges.

The whole thing should thus make it possible to recover several GB quite simply, and will avoid having to delete all the data.