Western Digital launches 18TB Ultrastar DC HC550 HDDs for €630

Western Digital has announced the launch of a real juggernaut: an 18 TB Ultrastar hard drive for storage. Traditional hard drives are benefiting from a fairly significant change in storage capacity in recent months. A trend that is easily explained: faced with the limits of the performance of mechanical hard disks and soaring speeds on SSD solutions, HDD must offer other advantages, and it is on storage capacity that builders are playing.

Western Digital 18 TB and 20 TB-HDD

Western Digital, thus announces its Ultrastar DC HC550 available in 18 TB version. It presents itself as a 3.5 inch SATA or SAS hard drive with 9 trays rotating at 7200 rpm and a cache of 512 MB, all with speed read capacity announced at 270 MB / s.

The hard drive uses EAMR technology, the CMR associated with Energy Assistance technology. It is a hybrid technology specific to Western Digital that the brand has not yet revealed in detail. For the rest, the trays are housed in a box under helium.

Western Digital does not stop there and already announces the upcoming release of the Ultrastar DC HC650 which will offer 20 TB of storage. In the meantime, it will take 630 euros for the Ultrastar DC HC550 and its 18 TB of storage.