Walmart teams up with Microsoft on bid for TikTok’s U.S. business

An alliance between Microsoft and Walmart is taking shape with a view to the takeover of TikTok’s activities in the United States. For the takeover of TikTok’s activities in the United States from the Chinese group ByteDance, the American distribution giant Walmart announces that it is in discussions with Microsoft, which is another declared candidate for the takeover.

Walmart teams up with Microsoft on bid for TikTok

Earlier this month, the Redmond group was in fact openly positioned and negotiating for the takeover of TikTok’s operations in the United States, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. Other groups are said to be in the running, such as Oracle and Twitter, but without an official statement.

Walmart seems particularly interested in the potential of the popular short-form video app for integrating e-commerce and advertising functionality.

“We believe that a potential relationship with TikTok US, in partnership with Microsoft, could provide us with an important means of reaching and serving omnichannel customers (note: on all channels), and of developing our third-party marketplace activities. and in advertising,” Walmart says.

The alliance formed by Microsoft and Walmart for the takeover of TikTok would be likely to satisfy the regulatory authorities in the United States. It’s not so obvious if Microsoft is going solo.

This week, TikTok’s first boss announced his resignation after less than three months in officeFor national security risks with the personal data of American users, Donald Tump orders that the Chinese parent company separates from TikTok’s activities in the United States.

In the absence of a takeover by an American company, a ban hangs over TikTok across the Atlantic with the ban on any American transaction involving ByteDance or its subsidiaries. TikTok defends itself and takes the Trump administration to court.