Visa Unveils Euro iPhone Contactless Payment Dongle System

Visa Europe has begun testing a contactless payment system using NFC with an iPhone accessory, the iCarte.

Visa Europe has given the kickoff last week of an experiment to use the services of Visa contactless payment via an iPhone. To do this, we must however add an attachment, the Icart, provided by Wireless Dynamics, which loads the module NFC / RFID / MIFARE, and an application, available for download on the App Store.

The accessory is provided by the bank or mobile operator and gives the user the ability, once activated, to make purchases from any terminal of contactless payment in Europe.

A first test of this device has been launched in Turkey, with partners Yapi Kredi Bank and the operator Turkcell and the system is now coming to the United Kingdom, while other European countries (including France), preparing to host the NFC services in the short term, will also be involved.

Of course this is only the first step should be added as an accessory phones while boarding a module directly NFC are not very far. Gingerbread by unveiling Android 2.3, Google, for example, all the necessary integrated directly into its platform to allow the operation of an NFC module embedded in the Android smartphones.

Meanwhile, Wireless Dynamics offers accessories compatible with the iPhone Icart 4 and the iPhone 3G / 3Gs.

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