Vanquish Game Review

Between MadWorld, Bayonetta and even Infinite Space, the studio PlatinumGames has built a reputation seriously, skillfully combining original graphic and gameplay. New stage in this obstacle course, Vanquish is the result of an association between the prestige studio Atsushi Inaba and Shinji Mikami, creator of the famous Resident Evil. But no zombies on the horizon in the world of Vanquish, better not stay for too long, failing to take a missile between his eyes. Yes, it happens like that, the surgical strikes in the future.

With a gesture of one, a small group of extremists has dropped San Francisco to the card on behalf of the motherland, and ready to do the same with New York. No time to convene the United Nations to appeal for calm. Secret daughter of Margaret Thatcher and Hillary Clinton (well), the President of the United States has decided not to deal with this megalomaniac Zaitsev. We must strike hard and fast, send the best men on the station’s orbital swelling to shoot him, saving the passage Francis Candide, scientifically who developed the Augmented Reaction Follows. It is this armor of mass destruction that team the game’s hero, Sam Gideon, a former U.S. soccer prodigy recycled elite soldier. Guided by the beautiful Elena and escorted by Burns, a veteran who enjoys little to wit, Sam will have to demonstrate U.S. technological superiority, and put an end to open conflict.

A good head of Vanquish

Who dared to say that all Japanese developers are falling behind, unable to compete with such studios Western? As a point of order, gives the Vanquish counters, blowing up the conventions of GST console with mobility and velocity incommensurate with the usual productions. Forget the Marines a little clumsy and pathetic their rolls. Doubting Sam supersonic engines, developers transfused two liters of steroids in the aorta of gameplay. Good god it blasts! Certainly, the controller takes a little practice, regardless of the type chosen. But once Vanquish in the blood, it takes up a mad rush to cover to cover, to scan the radar watching the appearances of enemies and especially to manage the overheating of the dipstick armor. Able to absorb an incredible number of shocks before implosion, the armor also offers Sam a adrenaline rush that materializes on the screen by a conventional bullet time. And even if the effect is not revolutionary, it’s classy to dislodge intruders one by one the time to regain safe haven or who has not yet been destroyed by the enemy. Obviously, once the integrated concept, it is easy to abuse the situation, take cover long enough to allow time for the armor to regenerate. But between the destructible cover and the number of enemies present on screen, Sam is subject to constant pressure. The AI of the game is certainly far from extraordinary, at least in basic soldiering, often static and much less mobile than the elite models. But it is enough to measure up to a couple of big burly mounted self-guided missile launcher to keep a semblance of humility. Suffice to say we appreciate always find a can to explode or throw a grenade to make way.

For a mobility issue, the Augmented Reaction Follows could not bother with a gun rack in the backpack. That is why the armor of Sam is able to materialize new weapons very quickly. Just switch from one to another using the pad to see the gun show in a class-mechanical sound effects that would not have denied the Transformers. Obviously we find the timeless classic assault rifle / pump / snipe efficiency always conclusive, even in the alternate future of Vanquish. The heavy machine gun our favorite or rocket launchers are there to ensure the quota of destruction. There are also less conventional weapons such as spear-ups as effective as a flash bouncing ball in a game of skittles, or targeting laser handy to flush out enemy cover or hit in the back. It will take at least that compensate for the uselessness of marine allies, apart from Burns, who mostly serve as human shields or bonus tags, provided they are resuscitated in time. Play good Samaritans offers at least two advantages: more moving targets for the enemies, the time they spot you, and bonus weapons. It is possible to gain rank in his mastery of various weapons, either by absorbing green cubes left by the enemy, either by retrieving new ammunition when the gun is already at its maximum. At stake: a stock of munitions likely to increase, a bonus of precision (in the case of the sniper for example), and sometimes aggravated damage. Attention too often lose gradually decrease your level of mastery.

Armored Core

Left to repeat itself, Vanquish is a monument of action without dead time, a model of efficiency, which dusts off without some kind of evil increasingly hampered in its conventions. And you can clearly hear that PlatinumGames has worked hard to make the game as versatile as possible, which was not a conclusion. Indeed, it is totally flawless technically whatever the platform (with a few hiccups in frame rate to really quibble), Vanquish suffers from uniformity graph may tend to tire, especially if chooses to devour greedily. No surprise, the space station that houses the share is a large area of metal and steel, and we really never get out of this techno world, despite a few forays into a playground a little tree early in the fourth act. And like any good GST, spends most of her time watching out covered a new moving target. Nevertheless, within the limits laid, PlatinumGames has enough variety to keep constantly goals the player alert. The assault of Kreon, a giant mobile fortress and overprotected, having clearly among the most exhilarating times of Vanquish. And which foot to shoot the pilot of a giant robot to steal his horse and sprinkle all enemies, even the strongest, without the slightest warning. Between the dimly lit tunnels, small snipes in the moonlight or the rooms almost weightless, developers have worked so hard to spice up the action.

Twenty quiches

Just like all solitary pleasures a bit exciting, it was said that Vanquish would end too soon. Too fast. And the worst part is that we do not particularly feel the sensation of too little. Because beyond a lifetime especially shipped in first run 6:30 am at the counter for five acts in Normal mode, cutscenes included the game PlatinumGames suffers through another usual game branded apparel Mikami. It recycles much in Vanquish. Too much, point out two to three times the same boss of the garage, sometimes in duos, sometimes in rooms more cramped, but not really varied approaches to the inverse of Bayonetta for example. Please note, boss of Vanquish tap class. They take the entire screen as a hostage, they send large missiles like Macross and swing a big laser before dying. Even after locating the weak points (orange, of course) and seized the few basic principles (keep stashed), it often happens that one is done without asking shotter rest. In short, we still control the patient to Platinum, memorable duels with most of the time. Confrontation can be largely shortened, moreover, once the technique known and many weapons upgraded. Too bad just one game back in 2010 the remnants of another time.

This is even more embarrassing than Vanquish does not share the experience in multiplayer, unlike many games like that. Certainly, one can always say that the gameplay does not lend itself absolutely not, we always prefer a solo in a string of solid surface modes and quickly repacked, etc. Nevertheless to boost the lifespan, Vanquish should only rely on two difficulty modes (including a Legendary bonus) and a principle of high scores, not to mention the success / Trophies . But all who take the time to mess with such a challenge will have something to swagger when pulled the ultimate cartridge. Same story for challenges in the fashion arena in the same name for all those who have survived the waves of enemies of the second demo. Yes, the challenge is looming large, and will probably take a while solo only.


Vanquish is the GST that Bayonetta was to beat them all. With this as hyper, PlatinumGames shows that the Japanese are able to deceive the Western blockbusters, offering mobility and dynamism rarely seen at this level. An arsenal slap situations well thoughts, boss super impressive and a realization at the top, requiring more? A real life? Completed in just six hours, time to face two to three times the same boss, the title Sega can not even make the argument for a multiplayer stashed dope life. Certainly, one can always play for the score and challenges, and that side there is the respondent. But inevitably it comes to whether PlatinumGames not again privileged form over substance.


  • Of action that disconnects
  • A good challenge as we like
  • Technical achievement at the top
  • Impressive bosses


  • Too much recycling
  • Six to seven hours to the end
  • And no multiplayer

Tech 5 Score: 7/10.

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