Twitter is working on a new subscription platform

In the announcement, Gryphon refers to a team of web engineers who work closely with the team in charge of payments and “We are building a subscription platform that can be reused by other teams in the future. This is a first for Twitter!”

Twitter Logo

A paid subscription platform would be considered by Twitter. Its shape remains however very mysterious for the moment. Code name Gryphon. This is what was spotted in a job posting published by Twitter for the recruitment of a software engineer, with the mission of working on a payment and subscription client.

This job offer, which suggests the arrival of a paid subscription platform for Twitter, quickly attracted attention. It was strangely modified to no longer mention Gryphon or a subscription, before reappearing.

The form that the possible paid platform could take remains a mystery. In 2017, Twitter had thought of paid features for TweetDeck. In another register, a test also took place for a paid subscription allowing brands to automate the promotion of their tweets to users.

Investors are in any case expecting. On the stock market, the title of the group in search of a diversification of its sources of income increased significantly after the media coverage of the announcement evoking Gryphon.