Transcend JetFlash 560 USB Flash Drive

Transcend has extended its family of USB drives with unique JetFlash 560. Sleek design, performance and portability are the key points of the new Transcend pendrive. Attention to detail and ease of use come together in the last home Transcend born to give life to a captivating accessory technology, dedicated to those who do not wish to compromise on style and performance. The case of metallic silver JefFlash 560 is in fact enhanced by a classic checkerboard pattern that gives a touch of urban chic, and is characterized by an exceptional resistance to shocks and falls through the use of ultrasonic welding technology.

The ease of use is ensured by a handy retractable USB connector. With a simple push of the thumb, users will be able to extract and retract the connector, without effort and in a single gesture. This design not only preserves the JetFlash 560 from dust and dirt, but also eliminates the problem of missed or poorly placed the cap. To provide an added value, users can also download and install on your USB flash drive’s unique software JetFlash Elite data management, thereby improving their mobile productivity.

By using this software, the JetFlash 560 is transformed, for example, a device that allows you to connect to their web account or to temporarily block the computer, preventing unauthorized access. Covered that most of the range from unlimited guarantee Transcend JetFlash 560 is available in three denominations of skills and marketed a suggested retail price of € 12.00 for the 4GB model, € 16.00 for the 8GB and € 31.00 for the 16GB.



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