Toy Story 3 Xbox 360 Playout

Precursor to the 1995 animated film, Toy Story has since come a long way and is about to officially become a trilogy from July 14 next. Logically, the arrival of this third episode in our cinemas is associated with the release of a video game developed for the occasion by Avalanche Software – yes, even those who had committed such Volt Star spite him to time. The ingredients for an opportunist adaptation were thus well met, but did not count on the amazing creativity of the studio who has frankly their sleeves and give us a title full of surprises.

The toys, it’s them

Toy Story 3 takes us back a bunch of years back in the heyday of vinyl and cassettes and their faces A and B. The game is divided in effect into two separate and rather complementary: the story mode and the Toy Chest. As its name knows the state, the first acts of the classic adventure genre and invites us to relive or less the movie through some of its key scenes, playable for the occasion, while hints of more to welcome the variety of scenery.

In the shoes of Woody, Buzz Light year or Jessie, it goes on the attack at a series of cute some of which are under the real world (Andy’s room, daycare, etc.) While Others focus on a single hero in a parallel adventure as Buzz fighting against Emperor Zurg in intergalactic base or Woody to escape from a room flooded with thousands of liters of coffee (sic), for example.

In the first case, we have fun sliding in the skin of a plastic figure of just over fifteen inches in a world of dizzying proportions somewhat like Chibi-Robo. A bit of platforms and some mini-games then constitute the bulk of our work, though cushy really. For levels focusing on our heroes, it is instead an entirely different story. If they are in the action / platform rather classic, then rises to the challenge of a big screen.

We go from a walkover adventure much more hectic and intense, requiring dexterity and reflexes sharp to say the least. A gap in terms of difficulty is surprising as it may be confusing for young players easily frustrated and dumped in these conditions. This imbalance undermines so much pace and interest of the adventure with a bit of boredom on one side and a potential frustration of the other.

A second layer

Of course, despite pretty good effort and passages, if Toy Story 3 had merely this single game mode in four short hours, we have left something on our hunger. For if its realization is a credit to the film with colorful graphics and a correct modeling of our heroes, it is still sometimes tarnished by textures not always very thin and poorly flexible animations.

In addition, small bugs come to play the spoilers from time to time, especially with tangles of polygons that are very 90s rather disorder. In short, a lack of polish typical of film adaptations of their deadline and incompressible. Pity. But the strength of Toy Story 3, is precisely that it does not stop there and is another way, the toy chest, which can almost be considered a full game as it enriches the title with a experience new and different. The idea here is to provide a relatively large playground, a village in western style and filled with toys, in which one of our three heroes will officiate as sheriff.

The construction of this method is based on GTA – like with many missions and lots of mini-games to enjoy on its desires. The scavengers will be able to give them heart-joy starting to hunt for bonuses without worrying at all about what is happening in the village, while the knights servants can make a whole bunch of services to residents (return lost and found most of the time).

But developers have pushed through by the freedom that allows players to customize the city head to toe. Colors of walls, windows forms, floral. Just go to any building to transform it in a few clicks, better than Valerie Damidot. Residents are also not left out and can be just as radically relooked to look like Wall-E, or simply to be decked out in a haircut even more unlikely than some journalists.

Over time and successful missions, your award will be filled sufficiently so that you can take a ride in the toy store and buy a bunch of new buildings, characters or means of transportation (horse, car). A key, new missions, races and even new areas of game theme (the haunted house, magic tree) that are sure to bring even the contents of the adventure.

Unfortunately, over time, all proposed missions is too easy and varied, so that we end up having that desire to progress in order to make their city even more delusional. Most young people will find their account but they can easily enjoy themselves without fear of repeat ten times the same passage as the case may be in the story mode. Note that in addition, Toy Story 3 is played by two coop (in split screen) for fun with friends or family, despite the small delays that this causes. Another good way to add density and richness to a title that has plenty of decidedly not.


Despite a realization not always neat and handling that is experiencing some failures (in the jumps, etc.), two additional game modes for Toy Story 3 form a surprisingly fun and wealth. Regrettably some randomness in the challenge that affects the rhythm of your adventures, sometimes too simple for experienced players or conversely very complex for younger children.

But anyway, fans of Toy Story can not remain insensitive to the delirious atmosphere and faithful to the films that permeates the game’s exploration of real-world scale of a toy or customization of own city colored plastic frankly worth the detour. It is therefore with surprise, relief and gratitude that we welcome this adaptation that really gives a smile.

Tech 5 Score: 6.5/10.

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