Toshiba Qosmio Notebook 3D Without Glasses

Although 3D technology not yet fully convinced by the users, Toshiba would be planning the launch in the second half of 2011, a new series of notebook computers with 3D display without the use of polarized glasses.

Currently, some companies have launched in the area of notebooks with the introduction of 3D stereoscopic display of the latest generation that require the use of polarized glasses in order to enjoy the full effect with a three-dimensional image display sometimes blurred. And ‘this is the case of Acer, Asus, Dell, HP, Sony or Toshiba notebook with 3D display offering, however, having (in the latest models on the market) Full HD resolution.

The main obstacle for the migration to 3D is primarily because the obligation to wear special glasses, also quite expensive depending on the recommended solutions from the company. The data emerging from the statistics revealed by the producers, where you can clearly see a certain disappointment with the low sales performance of laptop computers and 3D, in some cases, a reversal in the implementation of this technology. Toshiba, by contrast, continues to believe in 3D, promising to launch laptops equipped with a 3D display that does not require the use of polarized glasses in order to obtain the 3-D and better visual quality.

Toshiba’s technology, already deployed on the latest TV lounge. We do not know if these laptops without 3D polarized glasses required will be successful, but it is certain that whoever going to buy a 3D notebook, Toshiba will prefer the solution.

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