Tips for Taking Great Photos

Digital cameras do not see a very good eye on the arrival of smartphones and their ability to take beautiful pictures. And practices available, directly accessible online, the pictures on smartphones have become unavoidable. Lovers of beautiful shots ever do will rely on their phone, but the average person uses it in abundance to capture a moment.

In 2011 there were 27% in the U.S. to take a picture with a smartphone. The same year, sales of camcorders and cameras had a decline. The NPD was also reported that 50% of smartphone users were taking a picture with their device.  A trend that still prevails today as the functionality of the smartphone camera is used.

Photo Smartphone, The Reflex:

SLR digital cameras and other probably did not trouble to do so these shots are for unexpected moments for the most unexpected moments, fun, takes the user to remember and share quickly with its network. The main attraction of this photo function is to quickly share a moment with the whole community, that does not yet allow digital cameras or DSLRs?

Lovers of real photographs, shooting quality, obviously remain true to their devices always. But the common man multiplies the images, whose importance will depend mostly on the remaining memory of the device. One picture taken excessively, it immortalizes the slightest actions of the newest, it immortalizes the plane that we fly away. In the pocket, the smartphone is accessible. The AFN, the SLR most valuable are often stored. The smartphone then takes over for snapshots of everyday life, the degree requirement is ultimately not important. But even if it means taking some pictures, provided they are still made with care in the state of the art.

Shooting and Retouching:

Take good pictures, this is not unique to the first comer. Framing, light, distance, shooting on smartphone also meets the basic requirements of any other appliance. Those who have a flair for the area will instinctively perform these gestures when few others simply forget to clean their goal. And in the case of smartphones lying here and there, in bags and pockets a check for cleanliness is not a negligible part. Instead a reflex.

At the time of the photo, therefore it is important to properly frame the subject. The speed of the shot, taken in a moment of spontaneity, often forget this basic rule. To have your photograph to be successful a minimum, take the time to frame and let the camera do its job.

The light that still remains as a major element to consider. Also on smartphones, even and especially shall we say, you should always think about having the light source behind you, and try to find a place where it is not very dark. Some smartphones show made a very bad place when the lack of light and you end up with an extremely dark photograph.

On mobile devices, the zoom is often left behind. Its use is not always famous, it should not count on it, it will save you many shots missed. To these fairly basic advice that the practice will help you understand and put into place naturally.

  • Opt for landscape rather than portrait mode. Instinctively, you hold your smartphone vertically so that when swung, there are many more possibilities for framing.
  • Who says smartphone light, said instability. It is best to stick his elbow against his hip to avoid the effects of moving into a smartphone at arm’s length.
  • A photo is a picture: the rule of thirds is required. Feel free to activate the grid in the device options. Strong elements of the image must be located at intersections of lines.

The most demanding also not hesitate to stick their nose in the settings of their smartphone. Some models can directly incorporate a stabilizer, a key to activate it if you’re lucky to have this feature. In terms of basic settings, it is important to take pictures with maximum resolution. Your smartphone can change the resolution of the photo automatically when it comes to the transfer. Again, a device that offers offers real comfort, you will not have this setting to adjust to length of time, depending on the use you wish to have your shot.

There are applications that allow you to go further in the picture settings. Side of Android, Camera ZOOM FX tries and the iPhone provides in Camera +.

Finally, note that the pictures taken at smartphones can edit like any photo with photo retouching software currents (GIMP, Photoscape, Paint.Net, XNView, etc.) directly on PC.  And then requires smartphones, there are also applications for that, as currently the most famous, namely Instagram, which will offer you essentially apply some effects to your photos from your smartphone.


And for those who wish to go further in taking pictures of smartphones, know that it is possible to equip your mobile and transform it into a real camera.  Manufacturers of these accessories have felt a niche market, because, rather than multiplying devices, some will always choose to take only one and opt for the “all-in-one”.  The smartphone comes with winning so many and varied features.

So you’ll be surprised how you can transform your phone and not particularly expensive way. But in the area of ​​the photo, also on smartphone, the committed investment will depend mostly on your passion and your needs.

iPhone particular, there is a stunning accessory, the Olloclip, since offers no fewer than three lenses, allowing you to have a fisheye lens, a wide-angle lens and a macro lens. You can get much better shots, by just clipping your smartphone in a movement .

If the iPhone 4 and 4S seems to receive the favor of these accessories, other smartphones are not far behind. Many tripods, lenses, complete kit are intended for all audiences and users. And since it is equipped smartphones, accessories are also nomadic and portable.






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