THQ Introduces New Four Characters in Red Faction Armageddon

THQ gives us new details about the characters and the History of Red Faction: Armageddon, which will be available for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, from next May 31 in USA, and June 3 in the rest of world, including Europe.


For a time, Mars was free. After the liberation of the planet by the EDF, led by Alec Mason, Mars colonists, for the first time in their lives, they controlled their fate on the Red Planet. Not without hardships, the settlers prospered. For the first time on Mars, there was peace.

50 years later, a new enemy not only threatens the freedom of the settlers, but their existence. Adam Hale, Mason family enemy, destroyed the Terraformer, the only thing that kept the planet’s surface habitable, forcing citizens to live underground Mars.

Now, the citizens of each faction of Mars join forces again against this new threat. Kara, a smuggler Marauder, Winters, a senior sergeant in the Red Faction, and Darius, grandson of Alec, join to free Mars.


For better or for worse, the Masons are the “first family on Mars” – Washington, Jefferson, and Adams, all in one, with the fighting spirit of the Minutemen. Darius is the inheritor of this legacy, although he never asked nor wanted that responsibility. He just wanted to let him live his life, not Mars, it seems, had demanded. Perhaps Darius had succeeded avoiding the “destination Mason” had it not been for Adam Hale and his apocalyptic sect.

While completing his mission in the colony, Darius was unable to avoid destroying the Terraformer Hale. The Martian atmosphere quickly deteriorated to the point where only the caves and the deep places of Mars were habitable. While not necessarily Settlers Darius blamed for the disaster, the guilt was eating him and never looked comfortable with them as it once was. The guilt drove him to spend long periods alone, looking for missions that take him away from a life insurance. He learned how to survive earning a living with difficulty, how to pass unnoticed through the crowd and how to fight. The only thing he could not do was to forget or forgive what had been done.


Born as a Marauder, Kara is a stubborn smuggler who knows both the streets and the world of science. Kara fled the hierarchy of the Marauders as a child. The smuggling of goods of the earth on Mars is a natural for her, both as an act of rebellion as an easy way to pull out money. It was in an underground operation from Mars when he met Darius.

Apart from sharing his birthplace, Kara and Darius could not be more different. Darius works hard and takes seriously people, Kara is a sly and sarcastic rebel and few rely on it. Darius likes to live his quiet life and avoid the authority, Kara is always looking for a fight. But both have something in common both want to stay hidden and as a result, a friendship grows between them.


Sergeant in the militia of the Red Faction, Winters has become what is now behaving like the biggest scumbag on the planet. Winters prefers to be in the battlefield with his men and to avoid sitting in a bunker.

It has gained almost mythical quality among its soldiers, loading Winters stories as head of the battle and out unscathed are common. Winters is physically imposing and has a firm and efficient. Winters lives for their businesses and, if you put in danger its mission, there will be hell enough to pay it.


Adam Hale’s father was a captain who was killed by EDF Alec Mason during the Revolution of 2125. Hale was brought by survivors of EDF abandoned on Mars. In 2150, the White Faction of Hale launched a new offensive against the settlers.

The Red Faction forces led by Alec Mason and his son Jake defeated Hale. He disappeared after the Battle of Trench Bakhuys. Years later, Hale has become the messiah of a violent gang of separatists Marauder. Hale’s followers to keep bearing the mystical past of Mars to a glorious future. Others see a madman who eventually destroying the planet as long as master.



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