Telegram launches one-on-one video calls on iOS and Android

Telegram adds support for one-to-one video calls and with rigorous end-to-end encryption. On the occasion of its seventh anniversary, the Telegram secure messaging app is launching video calling support on Android and iOS. 

Telegram one-on-one video calls on iOS and Android

Telegram specifies that a video call is initiated from the contacts profile page, with the ability to activate or deactivate at any time during a voice call. The picture-in-picture mode is in the game. However, this is a preliminary version in alpha, and only for face-to-face calls. As with voice calls and messages, end-to-end encryption is supported for video calls.

The arrival of video calls was mentioned at the beginning of the year, during a period of confinement due to the coronavirus epidemic. Telegram then announced more than 400 million monthly active users and a need for a trusted video communication tool that is both secure and pleasant to use.

Note, however, that in April, Telegram mentioned group video calls for later this year 2020. Group video calls are still planned, but it will still be necessary to wait for a few months.

Telegram highlights apps for Android and iOS that have reproducible versions. “Anyone can check the encryption and confirm that their application is using the same open source code that we release with each update.