Super Street Fighter 4 !

Super Street Fighter 4!

Street fighter has a huge fan following,its actually a cult franchise. It has been rewarded by players killing hours and hours playing online with their favorite characters and of course by selling more than a million copies. But its a series heavily criticized for doling out updates after updates *one major joke goes like street fighter–> super street fighter—> hyper street fighter???* . But anyways, as we know it revolutionized the world of fighting games when Capcom arrived with Street Fighter franchise.

After nearly a decade without a direct Street Fighter sequel, Capcom not only delivered what is arguably one of the most finely tuned fighting games of all time, but it single-handedly ushered forth a new era of competitive gaming, amassing a loyal army of fighting fanatics unlike anything seen since the arcade boom of the early ’90s.The first reaction may be of the old money tree but here the package offers much more than it costs once you take a deeper dive.

Super Street Fighter IV introduces ten new characters to the series, now totaling an impressive 35 fighters. Eight of these new faces are actually quite familiar and come from various areas of the franchise , representing Super Street Fighter II Turbo (T.Hawk and Dee Jay), Street Fighter Alpha (Adon, Cody and Guy) and Street Fighter 3 (Dudley, Ibuki and Makoto), while newcomers Juri and Hakan are fresh additions to the cast that blend in well with the previous Street Fighter IV characters.

Hakan: He is a turkish oil wrestler whose fighting style is pretty unique to the whole game. He smears oil over his body and how oily he is determines the damage and the range of his various attacks like Turkish Oil SlamDive.

Juri: Juri is a jack-of-all-trades martial artist who can store and release projectiles in multiple directions and string together massive combos.

SF3 characters like Dudley and Ibuki are major threats, each requiring a different strategy unique to their SF4 iteration. Dudley shines when he’s in close range, aggravating his opponents with a tricky combination of powerful high-low mix-ups. Ibuki, on the other hand, relies on a deceptive strategy involving a single knockdown followed by an instant kunai attack from the air, which can land on either side of the opponent. Super Turbo characters, T. Hawk and Deejay, aren’t as execution-heavy as their SF3 colleagues, but they’re both equally as threatening. T. Hawk’s design is similar to Zangief’s: hits extremely hard, has high priority and long-range moves, and is extremely intimidating at close-range. T. Hawk may not be able to use SF4’s signature tenet, the Focus Attack , on most of his special moves, but his normal moves and powerful throws compensate for that weakness. Deejay, in the right hands, is a fighter of many qualities. He excels at keeping his opponent away through intelligent zoning , and possesses a devastatingly simple strategy involving an ambiguous cross-up jump attack and a leg sweep.


Beyond the new characters, the existing roster receives its share of tweaks and balance changes, a faster Focus Attack, and an extra Ultra Attack — a powerful attack that can instantly turn the game in your favor. Balance changes, a monumental task for any developer, will raise eyebrows within the community. The ability to now select your ultra before battle gives a strategic advantage. For eg: Ken’s Shinkuu Shoryureppa can easily be countered by Ryu by the timely usage of Tatsumaki-Senpu Kyaku and so on. The new ultra choice can effectively change the way battles were being held. Even old players will have to change their strategy which adds a deeper and greater feel to the game due to this.

Beyond the new Ultra moves is a mountain of tweaks and fixes that will take months to seriously appreciate, but after a week of nonstop play the changes feel almost for the better. Some of these changes may seem minor, such as characters gaining or losing valuable hit points. Some characters have been given serious attention like Guile, whose extremely difficult to link attacks have been tweaked where now he doesn’t require flash fingers to mash. Considering the immense wealth of edits made to the entire cast, chances are your favorite character is better than you remember.

Matchmaking in Super Street Fighter IV has been streamlined for a much better experience, opting for just a single mode of 1-on-1 matches for ranked play (as opposed to splitting the base between ranked and championship mode in Street Fighter IV), with the 8-player lobbies of endless battle and team mode providing the social experience with spectating and chat options.Earlier in Street fighter 4 you couldn’t create lobbies with your buddies, couldn’t save replays at will, and couldn’t be a spectator in other people’s matches. It felt like more of a solitary, rather than a shared, experience. SSF4 addresses all these issues.


1. Guile is atlast playable.
2. More characters.
3. Intelligent matchmaking.
4. Changeable Ultras.


1. Steep cost.
2. Nerfed down Sagat and Gen.
3. Little issues with lag.


All in all Super street Fighter 4 addresses all the issues of Street Fighter 4 alongwith a variety of gameplay tweaks largely which help balance the game mechanics while nerfing some characters which is inevitable.
Change is hard but good change is welcome. Capcom gets a bullseye with this one.

Tech 5 Score: 8/10.

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