Super Meat Boy Game Review

Originally developed for the download services PC and Wii, Super Meat Boy finally arrived first on the market Xbox Live, with the signing of a temporary exclusivity with Microsoft . Heir to a long line of games platforms in two dimensions with the players nurtured during the years 80-90, the title was born at the base as a flash game continues the tradition while incorporating ideas from the independent scene current and a touch bloody well which can leave traces.

Before launching into a part of Super Meat Boy, you better have a good culture geek to understand the many references, nerves of steel to handle not blow his or her furniture and a reasonable margin of time to avoid miss an important appointment after two hours non-stop about the game, so we thought just finish a few levels. The possible addictive, the game platform 2D finely chopped by two Americans a little crazy (Edmund McMillen and Tommy Refene) skillfully blends a refined embodiment, a schoolboy humor, music, punchy, a grip with onions and a challenge evil but never unfair.

Spent the first paintings used to teach the basics, they die very often decided by circular saws, impaled on pikes, dissolved by the lava and waterfalls salt or disintegrated by lasers and homing missiles. However, every death returns instantly to the top level player and a better preparation for its next attempt to pass through a screen full of traps, so that the piece of meat for heroes join the Pink Bandage Girl ever taken by force by petty Dr. Fetus. Amusing detail, the levels keep the bloody footprints of each location affected by the Meat Boy and all failed attempts before arriving to join his bride are recorded and displayed simultaneously in the final replay, a result always friendly and informative to watch.

You’re gonna Meat your maker

Divided into themed worlds generally containing 20 levels and fight bosses , adventure contains many extras that significantly increase a life already correct, contrary to what one might think after going through some paintings in seconds. Between the black world containing even more dangerous versions of each completed level below a certain time, leading to distortions internships retro succeed with only three lives, bandages viciously placed to collect, the mascots of other indie games possessing special skills and DLC free , it was more than enough to handle the time that perseverance is part of his character. Unless you are a “graphic whore” and not hang on quite minimalist visual style even during cutscenes, the only criticism one can make at Super Meat Boy is perhaps a bit peculiar physics of the hero light and fast but sometimes a little less responsive on U-turns and slips wall, which certainly require a little time to adapt.


The finger to all games platforms crammed tutorials, frivolous chatter and diverse audience, Super Meat Boy plays with the address map of hardcore gamer uncompromising putting players to the test to better reward. Returning to the basics of the genre in which he makes regular tribute, the first title of Team Fly Meat is going through a challenging crescendo without ever becoming completely absurd, and an astonishing wealth of content and undeniable intelligence in construction levels . A nugget of pleasure certainly a little, but hardly dispensable for Xbox Live Arcade , until the game arrives on other media.


  • Excellent level design
  • Soundtrack to the hair
  • Shielded supplements and references
  • The free DLC
  • Multiple replays


  • Just a little over hyped.

Tech5 Score : a mediocure 5.5

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