Sorcery New Trailer & Packshot

Sony has unveiled the final cover of the American version of Sorcery, an action-adventure game with a fantastic atmosphere that has become one of the most anticipated PlayStation Move, which will be released on May 22 in North America and 24, the same month in the European territory.

Finn is in trouble. First, he blew the alchemical laboratory of his teacher accidentally. Then the cat magic of his master, Erline, convinced him to go out in the realm of the dead. Now, has released an ancient evil force that seeks to destroy the universe and that will not stop to wipe all that matters to Finn.  What a day …

YouTube Preview Image

Despite being only an apprentice, Finn will have to defeat the Queen of Nightmare before it destroys the entire human world. This is done by diving into the realm of fairy Crossroads Endless Forest Fairies and the Palace of sleep. Company will Erline on this trip, which will have to master the powerful and arcane magic spells to overcome the strange and twisted servants of the Queen of Nightmare. Must solve challenging puzzles and unlock the mysteries of alchemy, and discover the secrets of the power of the Queen of Nightmare and amend all the damage this has caused.

But above all, must earn the title … sorcerer.


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