Sony S1 & S2 Android Tablet Computers

´╗┐Sony has just unveiled its Sony S1 and S2 tablet with two Nvidia Tegra processor. The Japanese giant Sony was not yet entered the market for touch pads, but the statements of its officials left little doubt about the future strategy when they said he wanted to become the world number two shelves quickly behind Apple.

Sony has just unveiled its Sony S1 and S2 tablet, confirming much of the information. They are both Android Honeycomb and carry a two Nvidia Tegra processor.

Sony S2 format flip:

Sony S1 Tablet is a tablet with a display 9.4 inch, very oriented multimedia through Qriocity portal access and wins with a specific tactile overlay (a first for Honeycomb), with a camera in front for video conferencing and another on the back.

Sony S2 Tablet has a format for its unveiling two displays valve 5.5 inch i.e. 1024 x 480 pixels, again with a special touch overlay to exploit at best the two displays.

The two bars will be equipped for WiFi (with DLNA support) and will have 3G and 4G capabilities.

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