Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6 images leaked

On the internet the first leaked images of the Sony NEX-5R and NEX-6, the two new NEX-MILC models that Sony was planning to announce the new cameras in September. Both the NEX-6 as the NEX-5R would be equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity for online sharing and apparent app-based support.

The leaked images came from the Chinese website, show that the new Sony NEX-6, as the current NEX-7, has more direct control on camera settings. For the first time in the NEX series NEX-6 gets a physical mode dial. The knob on the top right of the camera features of p-, a-, s-, and m-positions, while there are also two automatic modes, a panorama mode and scene modes to dial. The TriNav control of the NEX-7 for the exposure is in the NEX-6 is not taken over, as evidenced by the photos.

Also there is a turning ring at the base of the mode button to see. It is not clear where that is, but given the fact that just like the NEX-7 to the right of the shutter button is a function, that second pivot ring for multiple purposes. Further seem NEX-6 and the NEX-7 is reasonable to agree with a built-in flash and electronic viewfinder. It is not known whether it will be a lower-resolution LCD version in order to cut back on the costs associated with the NEX-7’s super-high-resolution OLED finder.

The two new models were equipped with a newly developed APS-C sensor of 16 megapixels, where possible points are integrated. This makes it possible to use the phase-detection off for focusing. Much like the Nikon V1, MILC series shows that this may contain additional sensor-level pixels for phase-detection autofocus for DSLR-like focus speeds whatever the lighting conditions. Even with Canon EOS 650D and EOS M-MILC-dslr using a sensor-off points.

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