Sony BDP-SX1L Blu-ray Notebook

Sony has communicated the availability of a new Blu-ray laptop. Before arriving in the market during June, the unit will be identifiable with its reference product BDP-SX1L, proposed in a unique blue finish and would be sold around for 300 euros.

For display, it will offer a 10.1-inch LCD screen that can be deployed simply to use the netbook format or deployed/ rotated/ turned down for use in tablet format, according to the desires and according to available space. Sound reproduction, it will leave the choice between an integrated audio system or two headphone jacks, as required by the silence of the surroundings.

This can enjoy videos, music and photos stored on Blu-ray, DVD and CD, but also content stored on USB (USB stick, MP3 player or digital camera, for example).

Rechargeable power outlet or cigarette lighter socket (cable supplied), the integrated battery allows up to five hours of video playback, that is to say enough to allow viewing of three films and hold the passengers during a long journey on the road.

But that’s not all it can also work at home, as a home player through an HDMI output.






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