Sony Announces PSP successor on 27th January

Sony rumored to a press event in Tokyo organize the PSP2 will be announced. The press event will take place on January 27th and the rumors are supplied from commercial sources.

The existence of a PSP2 has to date never been confirmed by Sony, but rumors of the device doing the rounds for months. Thus, the PSP2 already several developers are. We expect the new handheld from Sony at the end of this year.

The PSP2 would have a 2-chip Tegra, baked by a 28nm process. 2 Current Tegra chips are still manufactured on a larger process and therefore the PSP2 is the developers who suffer from overheating . By the end of the year is expected to provide nVidia Tegra 2-socs on 28nm have been fired.

About the handheld is not much else is known, the reverse would be provided with a touch-sensitive layer, which would have the handheld control.

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