Sonic CD races to XBLA, PSN

After days rumored remastering of the classic Sonic CD, Sega wanted to step out of this information to confirm officially the future arrival of this title, both mobile devices and consoles, through a press release. Sonic CD will debut worldwide in mobile phones and consoles. Originally published for the MEGA CD in 1993 with the introduction of Metal Sonic and Amy Rose, Sonic CD now comes to digital music platforms in the Japanese original soundtrack.

The beloved predecessor Sonic The Hedgehog 4 Episode I comes to iPhone and iPod touch, Xbox LIVE Arcade for video game and entertainment system from Microsoft Xbox 360, PlayStation Network, PC digital download, Android Phone and Windows 7 and be available for download this winter.

Continuing the classic story of the original, Sonic CD will witness Dr. Eggman’s plan to sow chaos and control the future by stealing the Time Stones Little Planet. Sonic will have to run through levels and travel time while dodging Eggman’s robots to retrieve the Time Stones, and save her sister Amy Rose Mechanical, Metal Sonic. This devilish speed game returns with new features such as enhanced widescreen graphics, features of IOS, the achievements of Xbox LIVE, PSN trophies, achievements, PC and more.


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