Some special spots of Nokia E81

Honestly speaking, this phone broken through the traditional style though a surprise. The machine’s design, not only has the QWERTY keyboard that Americans like ,but also it edits text more easily. Mobile works quite ,adopts fine, nano materials, only to make mobile phone own a sense of lightness and more fashionable colors. E81’s 2.4-inch screen on the back of the mirror design large mirrors ,is also so special, that female users do not have really connected with the mirror

Although the ultra-thin compact body shape is ultra-thin, the basic configuration of this phone is quite comprehensive. It has built-in camera and supports Bluetooth, MP3 player, QQ, MSN and so on. It is gratifying that turn mute and rejection rejection screen features songs can be easily achieved.

Seeing NOKIA E81 for the first time, you do not think it is a communication tool that can be used. Boxy look, and a lanyard hole inner ring can be illuminated, like a jewelry. But no matter how you feel, NOKIA E81 is one that can not only be used as mobile phone but also can also be used to play. 180 rotating screen, slide-open full keyboard is similar to the computer,which is unusual. Built-in gravity sensor, easy songs rejection rejection screen effects will give you the game fun.

Nokia E81’s 180-degree rotating screen is its biggest selling point that is similar to the computer slide-open full keyboard, so that business people love endless. Bold fashion style is also young enough to cause concern.

Elegant ivory white, has been the main color in many mobile phones, today is no exception, and small square of white cell phone is more like their dressing MM

Purple has been on behalf of the noble, and often becomes the colors which the noble love . The design of today’s E81 and our purple, are more a symbol of the King.

Nokia E81, with exquisite compact ,is small in appearance, but is no less functional,It supports high-definition camera, MP3, MP4, mobile QQ, MSN, gravity sensing

If you don not like its wide shape,you can choose Nokia Aeon and others Nokia Copy Phones. All of them have a good figure.

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