Samsung USB 3.0 External Hard Drive

With USB 3.0, external hard drives Samsung provide levels of data transfer up to 5GB per second, allowing users to move a movie in HD on the weight of 25 GB in 4 minutes, versus 13 minutes required by USB 2.0 . With the new Samsung laptop drive you can always have with them up to 1TB of space in a compact, easy to transport, characterized by a refined design and smooth lines designed specifically to make more comfortable grip, available in four refined color i.e. black brown (Brown black), beige Noble (Noble Beige), orange clay (Clay Orange) and gray fog (Mist Gray).

The new premium line of portable hard disk is instead characterized by the elegant homes framed by a high-gloss multi-layer corrugated pattern comes in three colors, black onyx, sapphire blue and coral pink. A backup software and more powerful computer security also offers a wide range of easy to use with intuitive user-friendly interface.

The “Full Disk Encryption” 256-bit as soon as implemented, for example, it provides even more hardware-based security, while automatic backup software ensures automatic, continuous back up every time data is changed or if create new ones. Moreover, with “SecretZone” users can easily create a comfortable and secure virtual rescue units, while the software “safety key” offers the possibility of obtaining a backup of encrypted data and to set a password for access.

It is also available and a convenient USB cradle sold separately optimized for both new product lines, so that users can easily connect and transfer data to your PC. The new external hard drives still offer from Samsung, however, up to 2TB of capacity contained in simple houses and refined, in line with the innovative style of the new family of portable hard drives. Rounded corners recreate a more dynamic and optimize the best use of space, while a series of LED lights on the bottom of the unit indicates each time the status of current operations.

With a capacity of 1TB, 1.5TB and 2TB, new hard drives for desktop PCs will be available in shades of brown black (Black Brown) and beige Noble (Noble Beige). All the new line of external storage will be available from April.

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