Samsung says no to AMOLED tablet this year

Samsung says no to AMOLED tablet this year. Samsung expected to launch later this year four tablet with Android operating system. Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1v, first model is “already old”, marketed exclusively with Vodafone. We do not know if the telephone operator will decide to abandon the distribution of this model, waiting for his update to the already announced by Samsung last month.

In this version, it will follow three other forms, based on Google Android operating system platform and Nvidia Tegra 2. On arrival it would be the new Galaxy Tab ultraslim 10.01 in late June, followed by the more compact version of Galaxy Tab 9.8 (8.9 inch) and Samsung Galaxy Tab 7 with the second generation would be seen by the close of the year (i.e. in autumn). All of these models will be characterized by one set of hardware and software renovated, including a new user interface customized by Samusng.

Despite the pressing demands of users, Samsung has decided not to integrate in any of these tablets at the time a AMOLED display technology remains confined to the screens of smartphones sold only in selected markets.


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