Samsung Says No 3D For Galaxy S III Smartphone

Samsung does not implement (for now) 3D technology on its smartphones. With this statement, Samsung has confirmed that the device will not come with 3D. The 3D technology was born in cinemas, with the first animated film in three dimensions. The main industry, therefore, have sought to exploit the new trend of making 3D TV (but still not massive adoption) and then spread on portable technology devices. On mobile devices, the integration of 3D technology is more convenient for several reasons: cost and the possibility of non-use of 3D glasses to enjoy (as opposed to the TV where the polarized lenses are a must.)

Furthermore, the 3D in mobile devices allows everyone to create three-dimensional content that can then be shared, going to increase the supply (still very small) and pushing the user to watch that content on the big screen, bringing it to buy a 3D TV. From theory to practice: in 2011 some companies have launched smartphone with 3D display or 3D camera, such as LG Optimus 3D and HTC Evo 3D.

A year later, only LG continues to believe in this trend by launching LG Optimus 3D Max, presented at the MWC 2012 in late February. Despite these efforts, we can not say that the 3D technology actually worked, in some cases such as Samsung, has kept out of Companies.  The Korean company does not have a smartphone in its 3D mobile offering, and some reports made ​​it clear that the future Samsung Galaxy S3 could be the first terminal with its three-dimensional display.

The information has never had the confirmation, but now Engadget publishes an official communication from Samsung, which states that the Korean manufacturer has no plans to integrate 3D technology into its smartphones in the near future. Accordingly, therefore, the future Galaxy S3 will not be 3D, but will certainly have other elements and “advantages” that make it unique on the market.


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