Samsung MicroLED TV may not launch this year due to production delays

Samsung may not be able to release its consumer microled TVs this year. According to sources from The Elec, there are production problems and the low yield rates are a problem. The original production plan for the microled TVs has been delayed, making it doubtful whether the televisions will appear this year, according to sources from The Elec who would be familiar with the matter.

Samsung MicroLED TV

Earlier this year, Samsung showed several microled TVs and the company then gave through Han Jong-hee, the director of Samsung’s Visual Display department, that the models will be released in the second half of 2020. According to the information from The Elec, that can become a difficult story, because Samsung has not even started to produce the necessary components at the moment. According to the original planning, that production should have been completed in the first half of this year. According to the sources, certain suppliers and companies that are not directly involved in the production of micro-led panels have also not yet received a production timetable.

The biggest obstacle would be the transfer process , where the very small LED modules have to be transferred from their temporary substrate to a flexible printed circuit board. Samsung claims that this concerns LEDs the size of a micrometer, but that would actually be between 100 and 200 micrometers. In terms of size, this means that she will enter the mini-leds fairway sooner, although a comparable process is necessary. If defects occur in this process, this is usually solved by special repair equipment, but the yield rate would be so low that the deployment of that equipment would also be insufficient to tackle the production problem. Increasing the yield rate is also crucial for lowering the price of the final product. Depending on the model, that price would now be between $ 10,000 and $ 100,000.

A Samsung spokesperson indicates that the company is still on schedule to release the microled TVs in the second half of this year. At CES early this year, Samsung showed four home microled TVs, including 75, 88, 93, and 110-inch TVs. In addition, the manufacturer showed a 150 “and a 292” copy for companies. During the CES of 2019, the company already showed a micro-led screen of 75 “, although there were clearly visible seams between the LED panels and dead pixels were also present. The company previously showed The Wall, a modular television with a diagonal of 146” based on microleds. However, this is purely aimed at companies.

The inorganic LEDs used in the micro LED display technology have a number of important advantages over OLEDs. For example, they are very efficient, achieve a high maximum brightness, last a very long time and can generate very pure colors. Microled TVs, like OLED TVs, do not need a backlight because the pixels generate their own light and share a very high contrast and a perfect black display. Microleds would have less burn-in compared to OLED TVs and can achieve higher brightness values.

Samsung is also working on televisions based on quantum dot OLED panels, with which the company will eventually compete directly with the current OLED TVs, which are based on LG Display panels with white OLED as the basis. Samsung recently confirmed that it will start production of quantum dot OLED panels for TVs next year.