Rumor: Windows smartphone from Sony Ericsson Phone 7

Rumor: Windows smartphone from Sony Ericsson Phone 7, Sony Ericsson may want to become the largest seller of Android smartphones but the manufacturer has not abandoned the idea of producing Windows smartphones Phone 7. A first model appeared unofficially in pictures.

Sony Ericsson is currently completing his transfer that makes a designer manufacturer of smartphones, and primarily through Android. The last terminal of the Xperia line all use the operating system and Google’s mobile society representatives have repeatedly stated their intention to become indispensable in this niche, despite the number of actors and the quantity of devices announced regularly.

However, the manufacturer does not necessarily set only on that platform. At the launch of Windows 7 Phone by Microsoft in October 2010, he had not presented a model, but he hinted that he might be interested in the future.

Future or old prototype?

Sony Ericsson smartphones already proposed using a mobile platform for Microsoft in its Xperia range. Failing to launch a truly terminal, it seems in any case work on a project.

Pictures of a model Sony Ericsson keyboard have appeared on the Net. The term “Prototype” raises questions its sustainability. It can be a model and eventually abandoned that never see the day, this suggests that the version of Windows Embedded Phone 7.

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