RIM Delivers Revolutionary Social App Experience with BBM 6

Research In Motion (RIM) today announced the availability of BBM version 6 (BBM 6), which provides support for “BBM connected” apps, allowing users to easily interact with each other from within the BBM connected app.

BlackBerry Messenger has a new look in its new version 6 and adds the possibility of interactions with other applications “BBM connected”. Developers can integrate this functionality into their mobile software and generate new forms of exchange.

This may involve the recommendation of the application to BBM contacts of the user accessible directly within the application or, conversely, the discovery of interesting new applications via the recommendations of the contacts, appearing on their profile.

BBM 6 launches today and a selection of BBM connected apps are already available on BlackBerry App World.

Enrich Applications:

BBM connected functionality can also create chat rooms between BBM contacts directly into an application, which can be particularly interesting for social networking applications and collaborative tools.

This function also aims to boost the appeal of mobile applications portal BlackBerry App World, trying to bring the community of tens of millions of users of the BBM service and get them to use more sustainable applications and facilitate distribution.

In addition to the new version of BlackBerry Messenger, RIM said that a series of applications taking into account the functionality connected BBM is already available (or will by the end of the week) on its portal, from games to social networking through augmented reality.


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