Ricoh PX Waterproof and Rugged Digital Camera

Ricoh has just announced its new waterproof digital camera that has the particularity to offer a very elegant design, with an optical zoom.

While most digital cameras have a feature which is equipped with a waterproof plastic shell rather unsightly, the Japanese manufacturer Ricoh has just introduced a compact finishes much more elegant: the Ricoh PX.

The AFN can dive to a depth of three meters for a total of 60 minutes, while being resistant to shocks. The unit is equipped with a wide angle lens of 28 mm, a telephoto lens of 140 mm, a 5x optical zoom, and a 16-megapixel sensor.

Designed to work without hassle, the Ricoh PX can take pictures anytime, anywhere, using a surface anti-slip (available in five different colors). The product also benefits from a relatively fast start and a speed of between 100 and ISO 3200. In addition, the settings adjust automatically to the subjects, for optimal results.

The Ricoh PX contains 40 MB of internal memory and appears compatible with SD / SDHC and Eye-Fi X2 (Wi-Fi built in). The device also features a video mode to 720p. The camera will be available in early July at a price of around 260 euros (i.e. Rs. 16,742/-).

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