Realme 125W UltraDart Fast Charging Announced

After Oppo, it’s Realme which unveils its (very) fast 125W UltraDart charge, soon in smartphones. If manufacturers are hesitant to launch fast charging of more than 100W for mobile devices, the green light is given and announcements are multiplying. After Oppo and its 125W fast charge as well as a 65W wireless charge, it is the Realme brand which unveils its UltraDart technology, which is also capable of reaching a power of 125W.

Realme 125W UltraDart Fast Charging Solution

It’s not very surprising since Realme belongs like Oppo (and OnePlus) to the Chinese group “BBK”. The fact remains that Realme’s technology promises to charge a 4000 mAh battery by a third in just 3 minutes and a full charge in 20 minutes.

Realme puts forward various technical tips to ensure an energy conversion of 98% and limit heat dissipation.

The architecture of the charging system and the materials used (conductive gel, multiple layers of graphite) allow to limit the heat loss, so that the charger never exceeds 40° celsius.

Realme specifies that, without this temperature control, the full charge could take 10 to 13 minutes. The UltraDart charge will however allow you to fully use your smartphone even when charging and wants to respond to the development of 5G devices.

The UltraDart 125W charge will use a Type-C / Type-C cable and will be able to charge, in addition to smartphones, more energy-consuming devices such as ultraportables with its 65W USB-PD charge. It also remains compatible with Realem’s SuperDart system, Oppo’s VOOC / SuperVOOC, as well as the Warp Charge from OnePlus and the Quick Charge 36W from Qualcomm.