Qualcomm is bringing 5G to its entry-level Snapdragon 4-series

Xiaomi, Oppo and Motorola are working on 5G smartphones that will run on Qualcomm’s upcoming 5G-enabled 4-Series Snapdragon chips. That will be by far the cheapest soc from Qualcomm that works with 5G upon release.

Qualcomm will bring 5G

Xiaomi will become one of the world’s first OEMs to introduce a 5G smartphone powered by the Snapdragon 4-series 5G mobile platform. The American chip designer will release the soc at the beginning of 2021, but has not said anything about the specifications of the new model except for the support for 5G.

The announcement presumably means that 5G will end up in cheaper smartphones in the coming year. The Snapdragon 4xx series contains socs for budget phones, such as the Motorola Moto G6 and Xiaomi Redmi 5. Many models with, for example, a Snapdragon 450 cost between 130 and 200 euros.

Currently, the prices of the cheapest smartphones with 5G are around 300 euros, but the price for 5G phones is falling rapidly. More information about the Snapdragon 4-series 5G Mobile Platform will be unveiled later. Devices based on this platform are expected to be commercially available in the first quarter of 2021.