PS5 Pre-Orders Might Be Going Live Soon

According to the latest rumor, but from someone still knowledgeable, pre-orders for the new PlayStation 5 would begin on July 13.

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We already know a lot about the future PS5 video game console from Sony, that it would for example perhaps be available next November 20 in Europe at a price of € 399 for the dematerialized version and € 499 for the version equipped with the Blu-ray player, that there are already 71 games confirmed for launch  and that PS5 games would be more expensive than their PS4 counterparts.

The rumor of the day was published on Twitter by Roberto Serrano, a generally very well-informed person who had also announced in advance the date of the Playstation event of June 12 last during which Sony had presented the PS5. Information therefore not confirmed, but to be taken seriously.

According to the latter, it is on July 13 that Sony will open the pre-orders for the Playstation 5, therefore specifying its price, but also the exact date of availability.