PlayStation 5 looks one of the biggest game console in decades

One of the things that has been most talked about after the presentation of the design of the PS5 is about its large size, compared to its predecessor PS4 Pro, and also being compared with the new Xbox Series X from Microsoft.

PlayStation 5

Vice President of User Experience Matt MacLaurin spoke about this on his Linkedin account, while he brought to light certain details of the interface that the new Sony console will have.

In this sense, a user asked MacLaurin why the PS5 was larger than the PS4, to which he replied saying that it is due to a thermal issue.

This generation are small supercomputers, although the 7 nanometer processors have incredible performance, the power is really extreme.

Similarly, MacLaurin spoke about the advantages of 7-nanometer processors, referring to them as high-performance components that allow designers to have much more power in the same amount of space.

However, to end his speech on the subject, he clarified that once the components are in place, the other half of the job is to make sure that they are not overheated .