Philips Vital Signs Camera app measures heart rate using iPad 2 camera

The Vital Signs Camera App of Philips measures your heart rate and breathing rate remotely, simply using the iPad 2 camera. This breakthrough technology allows you to measure your vital signs in an easy and unobtrusive way. The App can be downloaded from the App Store.

How it works

Your heartbeat causes small changes in the color of your face. These changes are not visible to the eye, but with advanced software the iPad 2 camera detects these ‘micro-blushes’ to measure your heart rate. When you breathe, your chest moves up and down. With advanced software, the iPad 2 camera tracks the movement of your chest to measure your breathing rate.

The App offers iPad 2 users the possibility of simply measuring their heart rate and breathing rate in the comfort of their home. The App offers the option to immediately share your results via Facebook, Twitter or e-mail.

To learn more about the Vital Signs Camera App, watch the introduction video below.



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