Phanteks Releases Enthoo Pro 2 Enclosure with Space for Second Motherboard

Phanteks is coming this month with its Enthoo Pro 2 case. This full tower offers space for an extra motherboard. Users can also install a second mini-itx motherboard on the bottom of the case. Phanteks already showed the Enthoo Pro 2 at CES in January and then stated that the case would come on the market in April, but this was postponed later.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2

The company will release the full tower at the end of July. The housing comes in two variants, a version with a ‘closed’ side panel and a model with a glass side and integrated RGB LEDs. The closed version will get a suggested retail price of 130 euros, while the glass model will cost 140 euros.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 Case

The full-tower case is particularly notable for its motherboard options. The Enthoo Pro 2 can accommodate motherboards with an e-atx form factor or smaller, while also accommodating ssi-eeb motherboards with two cpu sockets. Users can optionally install a second mini-itx motherboard at the bottom of the case. This requires users to install power splitter or a power supply with enough connections for two systems. Phanteks makes such power supplies itself. Instead of an extra mini-itx motherboard, users can also install a second power supply, additional hdd bays or a radiator at the bottom.

Phanteks Enthoo Pro 2 tower case

The front of the Enthoo Pro 2 is made of a kind of nylon mesh. The front panel offers four type-a USB 3.0 connectors and a USB-C connector with throughput rates of up to 10Gbit / s. The front also has two 3.5mm audio jacks. These connections are located behind a cover. In total, the housing also offers space for up to eight 140mm fans and six 120mm variants. Phanteks does not supply fans. The housing can house up to two 480mm radiators simultaneously. They can be placed on the side, top or front. The bottom also offers space for a 360mm radiator, provided no other hardware is installed there.

Enthoo Pro 2 tower case

Users can install up to four 3.5-inch HDDs and eleven 2.5-inch drives right out of the box. With additional hdd brackets, a maximum of twelve 3.5-inch drives can be installed. Phanteks sells such brackets separately. CPU coolers with a maximum height of 195mm fit in the Enthoo Pro 2. Video cards can be a maximum of 503mm long. The housing is 580mm high, 560mm deep, 240mm wide and weighs approximately 13 kilograms.