Pac-Man Championship Edition DX Game Review

“Come on, another party, I have time.” “Well, the last after I stop.” Formerly neutral, the ageless Pac-Man will pay the luxury of a broken video game for his 30 years. On one side are those who swear by it and who did not wait for the first returns to the 2010 version. And then the other he must convert. However, be clear: if you have work to provide personal, important duties to complete, complicated to assemble a cabinet, your marriage in crisis resolder, any project on the fire, do not download Pac-Man Championship Edition DX your console for any reason. Because it is probably one of the drugs most ferocious of the decade. It tastes without suspicion, without paying attention to warnings alarmist junkies, we say we win easily, but without knowing it is already hooked.

Say it all started by what appeared to be a good retirement savings plan Poppa, that Toru Iwatani. Having contributed long enough, the creator of the mascot cult Namco has decided to bow out by offering an ultimate challenge. The title already said it all: EC, aka Championship Edition . We believed everything about Pac-Man, this little “round like a ball and a yellow lemon” a little ditty by the mediocrity of William Leymergie, but that was not counting on this ultimate lesson in game design that would mess up everything that made the recipe without changing any ingredient. “Nothing is lost, nothing is created, everything is transformed”, but that it does not come from the same generic.

Released in 2007, Pac-Man is their ancestor what is the manic shooter Space Invaders , a challenge transformed by scoring. Historians will say that the points race is as old as video games. But yes. In HD , the pac-gum flavor no longer the same as before. The points have been redesigned. The dynamic sets were re-imagined an almost organic, suggesting that new patterns strongly tame by chaining parties intoxicating than 5 minutes. With time as one nemesis, he was tapping into a corner of his cosmic energy to follow the action, which speeds up by very subtle levels. Meeting this challenge literally plunged into a trance comparable to Ground . Play again became exhausting and without additive manner Wiimote.


Three years later, the disciples of Iwatani have learned the lesson well. All the elements were already present, then they have bigger challenge artificially with hormones. The mutation is the most sensitive proliferation of Pac-gums. We find now even in the sheets of ghosts, too multiplied, thereby making real series of massacres in fevers ” combos “as demonic as enjoyable. Subtlety, our kawaii ectoplasm are asleep and wake up the Pac-Man going beside them. See you then raced through a single file massive ghosts in the colors of the rainbow. One might think that this maneuver is dangerous, but not even! For another novelty brought by the heirs of Iwatani, it’s a bullet time slow down the action for a few seconds before impact battery with a ghost. So, we saved quite often these critical moments. Death, a small waste of time but already a very down in the first Championship Edition , becomes a little less nerve-wracking than before. In addition, we will also have bombs that will return the ghosts of the neighborhood in their central base but will slow down Pac-Man. As a small death when we know that world records do not flirt with that speed.

Even if the major challenges that will launch the Friends list XLA and PSN are played on the showpiece event, the Championship II in 5 minutes, DX includes a whole lot of sets each with its subtlety. A handful of skins , different music, Pac-Man DX was designed as a techno parade lights the synapses. Score Attack Classic, Time Attack with a quota of fruit to swallow or Ghost Mode (where one tries to make the greatest combo of ghosts), but this choice is just completing a neat dress like a starlet during the fashion week. Better yet, this version includes DX as a tribute, the level of Pac-Man.


The ultimate argument of Pac-Man DX, perhaps the prize, ten euros. Let all pieces (they were francs) that are lined up to beat the best score of the day on the filthy dilapidated terminal of the corner bistro. A blessing in disguise: while the bars switching to non-smoker, the terminals have been replaced by slots pirates. Just when we felt most of these orphan high places of the local gaming as Pac-Man DX stands out as a king. A permanent global challenge that we look at the videos of his rivals to become the best in turn, without losing sight of the scoreboard (separately for both consoles). This global competition is actually not that different from the arcade game as it has known in its most pure. “Arcade Perfect” as they say.


If we take seriously the many thousands of games released in recent years can be counted on the fingers of one hand the truly innovative ideas implemented in a coherent and enjoyable. And each of these fingers means Pac-Man Championship Edition . Now transformed into the DX version, it is the most striking example that a transfer of assets may be smooth or almost no pain. Pac-Man DX we repeated the trick bruised thumb, whatever you decide to torture once more with this part of the morning, inevitably the best score of the day, when the mind is still clear. “Come on, five minutes after I stop.”. That is, yes .


  • An incredible recipe
  • A final level design
  • Many levels that it once
  • Death less nerve-wracking
  • Ultra addictive


  • A scoreboard different for X360 and PSN, damage
  • Gone is the charming and sophisticated single level of the first EC

Tech 5 Score: 8/10.

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