OnePlus skips IP water-resistant rating for the upcoming new OnePlus 7 Series

In preparation for the announcement of the OnePlus 7 series, the manufacturer wants to remind that its smartphones will be waterproof … without providing any guarantee.

Busy at capturing media attention ahead of the official OnePlus 7 series presentation, the OnePlus manufacturer is multiplying the teasers extolling the merits of its new reference models.

An element that has become almost standard on high-end mobile devices is the waterproof aspect . While some manufacturers are playing on this aspect to promote aquatic uses, its main role is to protect smartphones against liquid incidents of everyday life, whether they fall into the sink (or worse) or they undergo an impromptu shower.

The quality of the seal is validated by a certification (IP5x, IP6x …) whose obtaining represents an additional cost. Some manufacturers like OnePlus make the choice to reinforce the protection against the infiltration of water of their smartphones without being subjected to this validation.

Wanting to communicate on this aspect, the manufacturer shows in a teaser his future smartphone OnePlus 7 Pro immersed in a bucket of water and which it is supposed to come out without damage.

However, OnePlus precise (in small print) in his video that it does not provide any assurance of tightness for its smartphones and that the damage caused by liquids are not part of the guarantee, putting forward the fact that the certification process ” costs money ” to purchasers because it must be integrated into the cost of the device.

OnePlus therefore boasts a seal whose possible verification will be done only at your own risk … to allow you to buy cheaper your smartphone.

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