NVIDIA brings GeForce Now game streaming to Chromebooks

Nvidia will make its GeForce NOW game streaming service available to Chromebook users starting Wednesday. The service can then be tested as a beta. GeForce NOW is already out of beta on other platforms.

Nvidia GeForce Now beta launches on Chromebooks

Chromebook users can simply plug in a mouse and log in through the GeForce NOW website and start playing, according to Nvidia. The company announced earlier this year that the service would come to Chromebooks in the course of 2020, but no specific release period was mentioned at the time.

The game streaming service has been available on PCs for some time and a separate app is available for Android phones. In addition, GeForce NOW can be used on the Android TV operating system, such as the Nvidia’s Shield TV media player.

GeForce NOW is a streaming service from Nvidia where players can run their own purchased games on Nvidia hardware in the cloud. For example, games can be played on devices that do not have a powerful video card themselves. The service makes it possible to link game stores such as Steam, uPlay, the Epic Games Store and Battle.net.

In February GeForce NOW came out of beta. Run games in full HD resolution at up to 60fps. There is a free version with play sessions of up to one hour and the paid version, which temporarily costs 5.49 euros per month, is six hours. The number of play sessions is unlimited. The paid variant also gets RTX effects.