Nokia WP7 Smartphone Concepts Leaked

It ‘was not until several hours after the official announcement of the alliance Nokia and Microsoft to preview the first Nokia smartphone with WP7. Engadget got their hands on what could be a first concept from Nokia (still under prototype) with operating system Windows 7 Phone. The image and the first specific revealed suggests that the agreement between Nokia and Microsoft had planned for some time and, as explained by Steve Ballmer, the team of engineers of both companies worked side by side for several months.

The concept that you can see in this picture, it inherits the design of some of the Nokia, as Nokia N8 and C7, while using the standard Windows 7 Phone: back, menu and search. Available in multiple colors, from pink to blue Electric, the new smartphone Nokia introduces new icon on the main page of Windows 7 Phone, probably dedicated to the new OVI Maps Maps merged with Bing. Certainly, the Finnish company, like all Microsoft partners, must meet the requirements imposed by WP7.

For this reason, the smartphone will have to integrate a 1GHz processor, 8GB of internal memory, touch screen multi-touch chip A-GPS, etc etc.

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