Nokia claims to have fixed Lumia 900 bug

Nokia has officially revealed that it has fixed a software bug in its Lumia 900 smartphones which went on sale a week ago in the United States. Nokia has officially released the software update to resolve the handset’s data connectivity issues — a full three days early, in fact. Users of Nokia’s latest release Lumia 900 were facing connectivity problems last week.

Users may download the software through either Zune on the PC or Windows Phone 7 Connector on the Mac. Lumia 900 is the third Nokia phone to run Microsoft’s Windows operating system since it ditched its own Symbian system last year, and only went on sale in the United States through AT&T on April 8.

The problem is minor, however, assured Nokia, promising a quick fix.  The promise was held with the announcement of a firmware update of the smartphone from that day to forget this little incident.  The manufacturer also promised a $ 100 rebate to enforce AT & T for first time buyers of its smartphone.

Nokia Lumia 900 was introduced last year and hit the stores this Sunday. Its predecessor low-cost Lumia 710 was announced in December and came out on January 11.

The Nokia 900 Lumia will soon be marketed in Europe, 42 Mbps HSPA version (the U.S. version is compatible LTE).



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