Nintendo Switch Pro: Specs, Rumours and Features

Nintendo is preparing a new version of its Hybrid console, the Switch, in particular to cope with the arrival of new generation consoles from Sony and Microsoft. Without trying to compete with the latter, it is said that Nintendo wants to give a little boost to its machine to make it more attractive in the eyes of users.

Nintendo Switch Pro specs

According to leaks reported by The Verge and Bloomberg, it would finally be a question of managing 4K through a change of processor. The Switch Pro would then be equipped with the latest Tegra solution developed by Nvidia.

Documents recovered from the FCC also point to a new machine in preparation. Nintendo would have thus requested a modification of certification granted to the Switch following several internal changes.

Nintendo Switch Pro console

These changes would be localized at the Chipset, RAM and motherboard level. In theory, the changes would only benefit the console mode of the machine. Its screen would remain the same and therefore limited to HD definition. The choice is logical: 4K displays are still expensive and greedy, just like games in Ultra HD. The Switch Pro could therefore only offer 4K content when it is plugged into a screen and connected to the mains.