New Tomb Raider Details Revealed

Through the month of May, a Spanish Magazine issue the cover story on the upcoming Tomb Raider title, which devotes its cover and a report of several pages. Spanish magazine Hobby Consolas, released the first details of the gameplay of the title and the inspiration of its developers.

This is a summary of the characteristics of the next title:

  • The game, as explained in its announcement, is a complete reboot of the series. This involves both the protagonist and skills along with the history and development of the game.
  • It shows a young Lara, which is much more humane than in previous games. Lara skills as a scout is not very developed, so it will be a constant in the game to see her suffer and get hurt, it will show through wounds and cuts.
  • To show the feelings of pain, fear, etc. used a motion capture system to bring more realism to Lara.
  • The story begins with the young Lara Croft fresh out of college. After that, delivery will be on a ship called Endurance, which sank off the coast of Japan and she is the only survivor.
  • The central area of ​​the island that will end up a kind of barracks where we can buy or improve our skills, or replay missions already completed.
  • One of the main innovations is the “survival instinct.” This ability is similar to that seen in Assassin’s Creed with the eagle eye: Lara will have a particular view mode, in which uninteresting objects are displayed in gray and yellow tracks.
  • To make use of the survival instinct will be to stand.
  • In normal view mode, support and instructions have been significantly reduced, only shown items that can burn and buttons of Quick Time Events.
  • The puzzles are more complex than in previous installments and will be more related to the laws of physics with climbing. Thus, we must include elements such as water, fire or explosives in their resolution. Also, the law of gravity plays an important role.
  • The graphics engine to be used is a renovated, called Crystal Engine. You can confirm new camera with frames that show the suffering of Lara’s face and get a more cinematic experience.

In terms of references and inspirations of the team, include:

  • The physics of Half Life 2, very important in solving puzzles.
  • The saga Uncharted: Tomb Raider Lara wants to provide more charisma as Nathan Drake and not so arrogant as the old Lara.
  • Assassin’s Creed in the previously mentioned “survival instinct”, similar to the eagle eyes of Ezio and Altair.
  • Movies like “Batman Begins” to explain the beginnings of the character or “127 hours” in which the protagonist also has to punish his body.
  • As the series “Lost” history will take place on an island full of mysteries and dangers.

Tomb Raider will be on sale for PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC on a date to be determined in late 2011 or early 2012.

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