New MacBook Pro Sandy Bridge line available on 1 March 2011

After the rumors, already reported in recent days , the company’s business notebooks bitten apple returned again topical. According to a Danish dealer, the new MacBook Pro with Intel Sandy Bridge will be launched next Tuesday, 1 March 2011.

The date coincides with that expected for Intel dual-core Sandy Bridge, originally scheduled for late February. However, with the delay to the resolution of the Cougar Point flawed chipset, this date seems to have cleared. We do not know whether the Cupertino company also decided to renew the design of these notebooks.

Another rumor reported that Mac OS X Lion, the next version of Apple operating system, could be launched over the summer. The information seems to come, this time, some references to volumes of Mac OS X Lion surprise appeared on Amazon. On the site of the American shop is shown a readiness for next July.

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