New details of multiplayer Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter

Koch Media released further details of the multiplayer modes of Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighter, the new title of air combat for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, in which we need to end the civil war being waged in the fictional country of Azbaristan.

As discussed in the previous story of the game, Jane’s Advanced Strike Fighters, will feature single player campaign mode, a co-op four-player, in which we can  enjoy the same missions in Campaign mode. In addition, when all players get the same level of progress in the campaign will unlock new planes and missions.

Meanwhile, competitive mode, will house up to 16 players, who may start their own session or join a game already in progress. The various criteria customizable search function will help them find more appropriate heading. The game features various multiplayer modes as “dogfights”, “Duel Team,” “Assault on the basis of” coordinated against enemy bases and “Prey”, which aims to fend off the enemy for as long as possible.

Advanced Strike Fighters Jane’s offers 16 missions in Story Mode, a territory of 65,000 square kilometers of mountains, deserts and urban land, 30 U.S. fighters. UU., Russia, Europe and China; extensive multiplayer battlefields where players can decide for themselves certain combat conditions, the number of slots and planes.


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