Netflix to roll out new cheaper subscription plan in India

Netfix is ​​testing a new, relatively cheap subscription in India. This new subscription focuses specifically on streaming to smartphones, tablets or computers. Streaming to televisions is not an option. The subscription is called Mobile + and costs 349 rupees per month, converted a little more than 4 euros. This subscription allows users to stream to a single device at a time, supporting only smartphones, tablets or a computer. These are streams in HD quality. This subscription is the cheapest option in India for users who want to stream in decent quality to mobile devices or a laptop or PC, without the need to stream on a television.


Netflix says it has released the new mobile plan to make it easier for anyone with a smartphone to enjoy Netflix. If it appears that users are sufficiently interested in it, the subscription will also be available for the longer term.

The Mobile plan was introduced in India a year ago, supporting single streaming to a mobile phone or tablet. That subscription only offers streaming in SD quality and costs 199 rupees, or 2.30 euros. The traditional subscriptions, including watching on television, start in India at 499 rupees, or 5.80 euros, with streaming at most possible in SD. The most expensive traditional subscription costs 799 rupees or 9.30 euros and supports 4k streams and up to four accounts that watch simultaneously.

It is not known whether the mobile-oriented subscriptions will eventually become available in Europe. The Mobile plan was launched in India last year and saw the light of day in Malaysia later that year. The Mobile + subscription is currently only available in India.