MSI Wind Top AE2050, AE2210 and AE2410 All-in-one Desktop at CES 2011

Great rush of MSI at the CES 2011 in Las Vegas, held last January 6 to 9. The Taiwanese manufacturer has invested considerable efforts in the design and development of new All-in-one dedicated to all the family and specifically designed for personal entertainment and multimedia. Top models and talk about the MSI Wind AE2050, AE2210 and AE2410 characterized by several common specifications and a versatile and lively character.

The design, care in a particular way, allows to place these devices in any environment. One major difference between these AIO is that, while the AE2050 Wind Top is based on the innovative AMD Brazos, the other two take advantage of the new Sandy Bridge processors with integrated graphics and support for graphics libraries DirectX10.1.

Evidently, the three models also differ in the form factor of 20-inch Wind Top AE2050, AE2210 21.5 inches for Top Wind and 23.6 inches for the older brother. Beyond this, the panels are touch sensitive and can play movies at a maximum resolution of 1080p.

Common features of the new All-in-One is the presence of MSI USB 3.0 high transfer speed, the operating system Windows 7 that can not fail in touchscreen devices, and other software to take advantage of, precisely, this feature . Among these, the Music Maker (a real plane on display) and ArtRage Studio Pro for free-hand drawing. From a purely technical point of view, MSI WindTop AE2050 has an APU Zacate E-350 1.6 GHz frequency and built using 40-nanometer process. This solution integrates a Radeon HD 6310 GPU with support for DirectX11.

MSI WindTop WindTop AE2210 and AE2410 are driven by an Intel Core next-generation, integrated up to 4 GB of RAM and can be equipped with a data storage space up to 1 TB. Optionally, the user can request a traditional DVD burner or a Blu-ray. At present you do not know more information about the model AE2050.

Note, however, the launch prices of the other two models. MSI Wind Top AE2210 and AE2410 AIO will be available by the first quarter of the year at a price equal to, respectively to Rs. 36,479/- and Rs. 41,039/-

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