Mozilla Firefox 5.0 Preview

As a developer of Mozilla says the beta release of Firefox 4.0 is imminent. If the development program will be honored, the Release Candidate is scheduled for February 25, while the final version of the browser will need to wait for the month of March. After this release, Mozilla should step up its production rates, releasing at least three major releases of its browser over Firefox 4.0 in 2011: Firefox 5.0, 6.0 and 7.0.

About Firefox 5.0, we find the first user interface concept, highlighting the research, additional modules etc. The user can then make an online application, you will find a tab pinned in the form of a button, such as Twitter and IMDb, each with a different color. This color difference can also be found in the search engine selected by default (for Google green, yellow for Bing, etc).

The operator of extensions and plugins may be a slight facelift to make it all easier. The new system will signal such as whether new applications have been installed by you or third parties. Firefox 5.0 is designed to improve the speed, stability and interface of the browser, but also the operator of the account used el ‘interface sharing. In addition, Mozilla is planning to release a 64bit version for Windows with animations on interface. It’s difficult to know which of these concepts will work for the final result.

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